Business Marketing Ideas And Mental Health


When we are scrolling through our phones or watching videos online, whatever it is that we may do these days, an ad will pop up for something that our phone might have heard from one of our conversations of the day. Maybe you see a promo or a sale from your favorite brand. Maybe that phased out a snack from your favorite fast-food restaurant is back. When you think about it, all of this is eye-catching, and it basically reaches out to a brand’s target market or maybe a newer market.

All of this is a part of marketing – profitably using the results of studying short term and long term needs of those who can pay for a one-time, or in most cases, a steady flow of service or product placement. Marketing is when you are promoting and selling products or services. This usually includes market research and advertising.

So, what now? Okay, we get it. Marketing is us reaching out to potential buyers, but why do we need marketing? Why is it so important? Well, marketing is important because it helps you sell your products or services. The bottom line of any business is to make money, and marketing is an essential channel to reach that end goal. Without marketing, we could never sell our products or services as fast as we want them to.


From here, we should also note that marketing can affect our mental health, which means it can have a positive or negative effect on our audience and market. Well, but what is mental health, and why is it important? Mental health is the overall state of your emotional, social, and psychological well-being. The state of our mental health may have a huge impact on our emotions, our way of thinking, and our physical health. So with impaired mental health, we will not thrive as much as we could.

Now, what does this mean for marketing? Well, more than ever, mental health and society’s ability to handle its issues are being taken into consideration when it comes to branding and marketing. Many brands have now started to revolve their branding and marketing around the awareness and education of mental health issues. Since mental health issues are usually a cycle, and it is affected by our environment, we are affected by the change-makers in our world.


We can look at marketing as a change-maker so advertisements have been known to affect our way of thinking and how we approach certain brands or issues. Branding and marketing experts not only influence the mental well-being of the public with strategically placed billboards, timed radio broadcasts, and disruptive TV commercials, but also most of the people that work within a public relations profession are themselves a victim of their surroundings.

In the past, a target audience’s overall mental health was frequently ignored. Now, taking into consideration a group of people’s mental state can have a direct impact on how well brands perform and how desired actions can be achieved.

Of course, before any brand can raise awareness on mental health issues and other social matters, a brand should start with itself. Change can only start when we start with ourselves, and the same goes for brands and marketing. So when we choose to impact a change, we have to start that change first within the brand. We must also educate ourselves on mental health issues before going out into the world and market based on mental health concerns.


PJ Mealiff, a marketing specialist in Engage, suggests that incorporating positive messages in marketing efforts. This will, in turn, provide the audience and the market a chance to be educated and for them to relate to your ads a lot more than it just feeling like it is all for the money. Like anything else, this may also have a negative effect on people and their mental health, which is why we should do our best to learn and be proactive in spreading the right messages to our audience.

If you want to use marketing in the best way, you would have to also teach yourself how to impact people without being too much positively. Of course, we cannot expect to please everyone, but the goal should never please everyone. The goal should be promoting your product in such a way that it is more helpful than harmful. The most important thing right now is to get back on that drawing board and create a socially responsible marketing strategy. Mainly, the best marketing idea I can offer is for you to put your market’s health first. Without a healthy market, no one will be there to support your brand, and you would not be able to impact a change in the lives of other people.

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