Surviving The Pandemic With Digital Marketing


COVID-19 has come into the world bearing economic downfall and a pandemic across the globe. A lot will need to change for the economy and its people to go back to how it used to be. This involves a lot of research and market studying on the business side of things, and this change will not only be on how the business should operate but also how business is sustained and how a company can grow and be known by a broader market.

As of today, many countries have put in a lot of necessary precautions and restrictions for their people and their cities. Some are thriving during this pandemic, while some have been struggling to cope. Right now, a lot of businesses are struggling to keep their businesses afloat. Aviation, tourism, and hotels are experiencing their lowest with people not being allowed to go out and travel. Hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and vitamins are maintaining a steady flow of income. Some businesses are doing okay with keeping their business alive.


But, how can people use marketing and advertising to their advantage for their business? That is quite simple. Brands and companies need to adjust to a “new normal,” apart from the new normal already existing in our world. What business should be doing is they should be focusing their efforts on digital marketing and advertising. This is how people will see you as a brand. With people not being able to go out and visit different places, billboards, posters, and LED ads will no longer be as effective.

This is the time to turn to video marketing and digital posters. It is best to use Gen Z humor and innovation during these times because the people watching your ads on twitter or YouTube are kids who beg their parents to buy this and buy that. Right now, a business needs to be fresh and in with the younger generation, and to do that, a business needs to turn to social media.

Lately, it is so easy to make something go viral. A poster or a statement or a tweet of anything that may be controversial but shows support will go viral in a few minutes when it is posted in the right channel. Even if it is not contentious, maybe it is funny, or perhaps it can be relatable to many, posted in the right place a video or a poster can go viral.


People assume that because Gen Z is younger, it means that they do not do much for society, but in reality, Gen Z is the best marketing tool anyone can have. If a business has a hold on Gen Z, then it can survive this pandemic. This generation of kids today is strong-willed and passionate. Any business that they see is helping to make awareness on issues that matter, and any business willing to make a change will get their support, and that is never a bad thing.

Embracing digital marketing and advertising is the best way for business today because people are at home, making sure that their families are safe and sound. So, grab hold of that and make sure that people know that the business is still there. Innovation and technological development are the two things a business should have, and that is what will keep them afloat.

So, the best way is the digital way. This is the only chance for a business to reach a wider audience and basically to spend close to nothing. Give it a shot. After all, there is no harm in trying.

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