The 2017 Marketing Conference examines the latest digital technologies set to revolutionize the future of the marketing industry. In today’s technology-driven world, it’s not surprising that newer ways of marketing will evolve. Marketing has always been a fundamental part of any business. The adoption of new technology allows different companies to profit and reach a larger audience anytime and anywhere.


It is only logical that the world of marketing will advance as technology continues to emerge. So how does technology impact the future of marketing? Here are the following ways technology can change or have changed the way consumers use and see different products:

  • Enhancing Customer Service And Getting Immediate Feedback From Customers

A business that is responsive to its customers is more likely to win their loyalty. Technology speeds up communications through live chat, texting, etc. conversing with them in real-time, which increases convenience. Technology also offers the capability for businesses to gain immediate feedback from their customers. Through online surveys, social media, live video sharing, brands can see which of their products or services work or need improvement.

  • Ability To Reach Potential Customers Much More

Through the use of technology and social media applications, companies and brands can reach a wider audience for their products or services. Many corporations use this advantage against their competitors and generate massive contact with their target audience. The next few years will inevitably lead to fiercer competitions. Gone are the days when people get their products and advertisements from television, radio, or print, social media apps are the future of marketing.

  • Innovative Products Lead To Innovative Marketing Strategies

Modern marketers must have an in-depth knowledge of futuristic products to help businesses stay afloat in the industry. For example, the use of artificial intelligence allows companies to obtain data from the kind of consumers their marketing strategies will likely allure. This process happens through recommendations, engines, or predictive search. Digital data is an essential part of marketing nowadays. Marketers use data to know what consumers are interested in. Another one is the progress of virtual reality and its practical applications like distributing content and heightening user experience.

  • Launching Brands A Lot Easier

Getting your brands to the eyes of the audiences became much more accessible by the use of technology. Through the utilization of electronic billboards and internet exposure, marketers cultivate positive relationships between them and their target audiences.

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