5 Ways To Grow Your Facebook Live Audience Using The PAINT Idea

Is it your life-long goal to have every family member in a household tuned in to the Facebook Live event that you are hosting?

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Although that seems like too grand of an idea – like something that might never happen – there is a possibility to achieve this dream of yours. That is, considering that you already know how to use this unique feature of the social media channel and you know who your audience may be. The topics you will discuss with them should already be in a clear outline as well so that you won’t forget anything during the broadcast. All that will be left to do then is to make sure that hundreds or thousands of your followers will choose to stay watching the entire time.

That is one feat that often makes people stop and think. After all, no matter how tech savvy you are, Facebook Live remains a new marketing strategy to many. If you have not thought of how to proceed with this, learn PAINT – our five tips on growing your Facebook Live audience.


The first thing you should do is to give your likely viewers the chance to know more about the event. At least a month from the particular date, you may post announcements and advertisements on your personal or company page (if applicable). It is acceptable to promote the forum on your website and other social media accounts as well to increase the number of individuals that will see your ads. That will give them enough time to decide if they can make it or not.

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When it comes to what your posts should look or sound like, it will depend largely on your target market. Say, if your expected audience consists of individuals past the age of 40, then it may not be appropriate to use slang words or loud colors. Similarly, if you want to attract younger age, millennials or teens, you cannot bore them with long texts – you need images and video clips too.


Writing an article about the live event, publishing it on your website, and then linking it to your FB page won’t be a bad idea either. The implication of doing so is that the people who will notice your message for the first time can visit the article’s source and subscribe to your channel. That’s what’s going to ensure that they will get notified whenever you announce your upcoming events.

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Repeat this word in your head until you realize how important it is to keep your future audience engaged. When you post the first ad for a specific event, there will inevitably be online friends who will ask what it is for. Your colleagues, family members and relatives may hear about it, and they might be curious to find out what you are up to this time.

By all means, try to answer them within the first 24 hours so that you can sustain their interest in your campaign. It is an excellent opportunity to persuade them to make time for the event, as well as spread the news to their colleagues. Nevertheless, you should do it without giving away all the details to avoid making the potential audience feel as if there’s no need to attend your Facebook Live show anymore.

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When you start marketing your products and services on social media, it is unnecessary to compete with other businesses that offer similar commodities. Your rivals in the industry can become your comrades if you humbly send them personal invitations to watch the event. When you become cordial to those people and speak about their shows on your page in the future, they will most likely promote your events to their followers as well.

We have a little advice on the matter, though. If you decide to network with competition, you should not act timidly. E-mail or send a direct message to no less than 20 competitors since you can never tell who will respond positively to your invitation.

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Lastly, it is not wrong to want to turn your viewers into consumers sooner than later. You won’t have to say that out loud in front of your audience during the show, but that should be one of your end goals. After all, an increase in sales serves as an indication that you have done well for the event.

You can accomplish it by maintaining a steady flow of conversation with your target market before, during, and after the Facebook Live streaming. A lot of individuals honestly dig invites that sound as if you have made it just for them, and that can happen when you add their name to it. Remember this concept as you promote the show.

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In A Nutshell

Holding a Facebook Live event is a fantastic marketing strategy that every entrepreneur should learn to do. It’s easy; it’s much cheaper than trying to be on TV. Follow the tips above to ensure that many individuals will be watching.

Good luck!

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