Communicating Through Digital Brand Engagement

Enhancing communication with your target audience allows you to effectively transmit the message and engage them as they listen and respond.  Effective communication that can encourage engagement from target audience is now being done through the new wave in marketing which is digital brand engagement.


Digital brand engagement is not just letting the possible market know about your existence through apps, FB page, or other social media channels.  As the world of marketing invades the digital space, you must learn how to build a relationship and manage and maintain that relationship by engaging with every audience and turn them into customers.


Data Gathering 

Companies engaging in digital brand marketing gather first-party data (information about your audience which you collected yourself) and combine those with third-party data (information generated from different websites and platforms).   Utilizing real-time and big data analytics you will have a clear view of the specific audience.  This is one way of truly understanding your audience and operate in such a way that you can cater to every one of them.

Being able to talk about your positives requires you to have positives in the first place, Therefore you need to have the kind of record that will make you (and especially your resume) stand out. — Jonathan Golding, Ph.D. and Anne Lippert, PhD



Having the capacity to create in-depth audience profiles – interactions, behaviors – and then categorize each according to age, location, interest, occupation, and more.  (A good example is knowing if the user is a pet lover, single, housewife, etc.)  With all these data made available, you, as the service provider, can specifically target your audience.


Getting Proactive

Being able to profile your target audience efficiently, you can now show your projected customer that you are proactive.  You are capable of delivering to your target audience the right product, with the right price, through the right avenue.  This is not just waiting for your customer to come to you or call your contact service or visit your website.  Reaching out to them and laying out your game plan turns you into someone significant to your customers.  To do this correctly, you must know and understand what it is that you want to do with each customer relevantly.  It is not just considering the inbound or outbound involvement, but knowing the all-bound experience of your customer.


It’s like communicating (engaging) something with your customer and based on your customer’s response (behavior), you’ll know what the next step you must take.


Sustaining Relationship With Your Audience

Digital signal processing technology based on big real-time data and machine learning supports and propel digital brand/customer engagement.  Groups of people with expertise in digital signal processing initiate the digital brand and customer engagement and transform these data that can bring about amazing results.

Insisting on being right is highly stress- inducing. First, there is often more than one right answer. Second, unless you own the company, this is not your “ball game.” — Maud Purcell, LCSW, CEAP

This means that as you build such a relationship between your brand and your target audience, you will be able to hold your audience’s attention.  This way, you can effectively communicate your service, and your audience will be willing to listen and respond.


Watching videos on YouTube, your audience will not click skip ads, but instead, watch it to the end and engage by either purchasing, clicking to gather more information, or spreading or sharing it to others.


Satisfied Customers Generates Loyal Customers

When digital engagement is done the proper way, it can help increase revenues of about 2 to 4% and at the same time, improve customer’s satisfaction measured through net promoter score.  When you score high on Net Promoter Score, your customers are likely to recommend your product or services to others.  You have persuaded your audience to have a sense of loyalty to your brand.


The Takeaway, Redefine Marketing Strategy

Marketing nowadays is all about data and data processing.  Various apps, social buzz, marketing campaigns by creative influencers, blogs, and lead promotion campaigns play a significant role to have effective brand engagement tactic.


For your marketing to thrive and be more effective, it has to go with the flow of modern digital age.  Digital brand engagement opens the gate of democracy in communication in the digital world.  Thus, creating a meaningful relationship between you and your audience as you both take advantage of the online environment and tools.

You’ll meet new people who will learn more about what you do, plus you get to give back to your community- everybody wins! — Laura JJ Dessauer Ed.D., L.M.H.C.

The moment you can create an intimate relationship between your brand and your audience, it would be easy to engage them.   Effective communication by profiling your audience, building a relationship by being proactive, and sustaining that relationship will allow you to reinvent your product (to cater to each customer).  Catering and making the engagement more personal will turn your audience into loyal customers, ensuring the growth of your market.

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